VP Racing Fuels 2087 Engine Coolant; STAY FROSTY ™; Pre-Mixed; Hi-Performance; 64 Ounce; Single

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Product Info
Type: Pre-Mixed
Unit Size: 64 Ounce
Unit Type: Jug
Unit Quantity: Single



  • Formulated For Engines That Require Additional Protection From Overheating
  • In Street And Off-Road Uses, Operating Temperatures Are Reduced By Up To 25 Degree Fahrenheit Compared To The Conventional Glycol-Based Coolants
  • For Race Applications, The Ready To Use STAY FROSTY Race Formula Can Reduce Temperatures By As Much As 100 Degree Fahrenheit
  • Since There’s No Glycol, Track Surfaces Won’t Get Slippery If There’s A Spill Or Leak