VP Hi-Performance FULL Syn. GL-5 SAE 75W-140LS GEAR OIL

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VP Hi-Performance Gear Oil SAE 75W-140 is a full synthetic, high performance GL-5 extreme pressure gear oil providing excellent protection against high-speed scoring, low speed/high torque wear and heavy shock loading conditions. Also, the oil provides outstanding shear stability, low-temperature fluidity, low frictional drag and resistance to foaming.

VP applies a 3-pronged approach to lubricant design for remarkably stable oils that allow race engines of all types to achieve extraordinary performance and durability:

  1. Improve the ability of the oil to cling to metal components by improving viscosity through the use of select base oils with polar characteristics.
  2. Add a balance of multiple anti-wear chemistries beyond ZDDP into the oil that adhere to metal surfaces to create a protection layer.
  3. Add unique friction modifiers that reduce fluid- to- fluid friction and surface friction between the oil and moving metal components to unlock horsepower and torque.